Your YGO RP has just been PWNED, bizatch.

Double the crack!

Pwned YGO RP
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Q: WTF? "pwnedygorp"?
A: That's what it is!
Q: No, really. WTF?
A: Another YGO roleplay out of so many that are on LJ. BUT, this one's a bit different. Wanna know why? Well, it's a BIT like the OMG RPs (see omg_omg for details), but also a bit different. Because now you have a FEMALE and a MALE of each character.
Q: You're on crack.
A: Drugs are teh st00pid. Imagination is bliss.
Q: WTF? What about the Yami(s)?
A: It's whatever the hikari wants. If they want to write as their yami, too, then that's fine. But if they want someone else to, then that's fine too.
Q: Woah.
A: Exactly.
Q: So, who are you?
A: I am pro_digious, AKA Dai-chan. I am your lovely moderator. Nice to meet you.

1) All pairings are accepted (het, yaoi, yuri, incest, I mean ALL), as well as threesomes and orgies if you so wish [XD], but anything over a PG rating goes under a cut, 'kay?
2) Don't force pairings on people. FOR INSTANCE, Male!Mokuba is in love with his older brother Male!Seto, but that does not mean I'm (since I RP Male!Mokuba) going to force this on whoever plays the Male!Seto. But it also means the Male!Seto cannot IGNORE this fact. Unrequited love or not, it's still there!
3) Be nice! No bashing people for their choice of pairings or the way they RP their character. Characters can bash each other, but when talking OOC you should be kind to everyone. Any insults and you're out, you hear? (Harmless teasing is okay, though. As long as you make it obvious you don't mean anything by it!)
4) Be sure to have some type of messenger, because this community does a LOT of outside roleplaying. Also, some of the characters will have In-Character AIM screen names to talk to each other In-Character with. If you don't have AIM, that's fine, because the in-character instant messaging is completely optional.
5) OOC posts, RP logs, and IM logs will go in the community. Everything else goes in your character's journal.
6) You can apply for a second character a week after your first application has been accepted. (You can now take a third character. No need to apply, just tell me and I'll probably let you take them.)
7) When the form says "GENDERBENDER!" you reply "D00D, PWNED." (Doesn't have to be in all caps, of course. And any variation of it is fine, as long as I can tell you've read the rules.)
8) If you're going to be absent for a long period of time, please inform us beforehand.
9) Take a look at the taken character list, and apply by either e-mailing me (geminidai[at]yahoo[dot]com) or posting here with this form (the italics are my comments, and you don't need them when applying):
Name and/or nickname: yours, not the character's
Contacts: e-mail, AIM, etc.
Gender: again yours, not the character's
GENDERBENDER!: to make sure you've read the rules. :D
Character applying for: remember to state if it's male or female version!
Sample journal entry: If you can't think of anything, try using the character's reaction upon meeting their opposite-gender double.

10) Please only update your character journals, at the most, three times a day. At the least, please update it atleast once every two weeks. On average, we would like it if you posted every day or every two days, but I understand if that is a problem. (I'm a busy person, too, and probably won't be able to do this either once school starts up again.)

Taken Characters:

Yuugi Motou - (mutouyugi, played by ryuuseisui)
Yami no Yuugi - (_yami_no_yuugi_, played by daimeryan_rei)
Katsuya Jounouchi - (unleashedpuppy, played by intoxicatedsoul)
Shizuka Kawai - (manly_things, played by daytron_seed)
Anzu Mazaki - (mazaki_anzukun, played by ryuuseisui)
Hiroto Honda - (free)
Ryuuji Otogi - (--reserved--)
Ryou Bakura - (snow_white_cuts, played by anvanimaserke)
Yami no Bakura - (blood_shadows, played by anvanimaserke)
Seto Kaiba - (blue_luminis, played by bioplague)
Mokuba Kaiba - (_otouto_, played by pro_digious)
Noa Kaiba - (l33t_noa, played by yokokaru_chan)
Mai Kujaku - (take_this_ride_, played by daytron_seed)
Sugoroku Motou - (free)
Pegasus J. Crawford - (amour_illusion, played by wings_of_embyrr)
Malik Ishtar - (__malikuu, played by n0r1)
Isis Ishtar - (free)
Rishid - (free)
Raphael - (free)
Amelda - (free)
Varon - (just_like_a_man, played by reikaku_pyro)
Dinosaur Ryuuzaki - (free)
Insector Haga - (free)
Ryouta Kajiki - (free)
Esper Roba - (free)
Rebecca Hopkins - (free)
Arthur Hopkins - (free)
Leon Von Schraider - (_fairytale_life, played by pro_digious)
Siegfried Von Schraider - (fuhrer_der_rose, played by operafantome)
Pharaoh Atem - (free)
The Priest Seto - (free)
The Priest Akunadin - (free)
The Priest Mahado - (davoodooudo, played by intoxicatedsoul)
The Priest Isis - (free)
The Priest Karim - (free)
The Priest Shada - (free)
Kisara - (to_tomorrow, played by yokokaru_chan)
Mana - (trainingmage, played by ryuuseisui)

Yuugi Motou - (sugar_yuugi, played by pro_digious)
Katsuya Jounouchi - (x_jounouchi_x, played by yokokaru_chan)
Shizuka Kawai - (angel_singer, played by anvanimaserke)
Anzu Mazaki - (like_a_rose_, played by abbiemills)
Hiroto Honda - (lightish_red, played by reikaku_pyro)
Ryuuji Otogi - (diva_of_dice, played by intoxicatedsoul)
Ryou Bakura - (deep_calm, played by cresselia)
Yami no Bakura - (____forget_it__, played by daytron_seed)
Seto Kaiba - (kaibaseto__, played by n0r1)
Mokuba Kaiba - (hollaback_gal, played by bioplague)
Noa Kaiba - (camera_voyuer, played by kyatara)
Mai Kujaku - (__supercilious, played by lattebayo)
Sugoroku Motou - (grannymotou, played by n0r1)
Pegasus J. Crawford - (free)
Malik Ishtar - (wild_wild_heart, played by halfthewords)
Isis Ishtar - (sun__and__moon, played by halfthewords)
Rishid - (free)
Raphael - (free)
Amelda - (free)
Varon - (myownbeat_, played by bioplague)
Dinosaur Ryuuzaki - (free)
Insector Haga - (free)
Ryouta Kajiki - (mizusennyo, played by cresselia)
Esper Roba - (sister_psychic, played by jigglygrlcarrie)
Rebecca Hopkins - (free)
Arthur Hopkins - (free)
Leon Von Schraider - (free)
Siegfried Von Schraider - (free)
Pharaoh Atem - (free)
The Priest Seto - (free)
The Priest Akunadin - (free)
The Priest Mahado - (free)
The Priest Isis - (free)
The Priest Karim - (free)
The Priest Shada - (free)
Thief King Bakura - (good_dividends, played by dawnsshadow)
Kisara - (_bluewhite, played by reconquista)
Mana - (_magicalgirl, played by reconquista)
Any characters I've forgotten are open as well, just tell me and I'll add them to the list.